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Lehenga Style Saree

The Perfect Way To Wear Lehenga Style Saree

Do you want to know The Perfect Way To Wear Lehenga Style Saree? Well for some of the women draping the lehenga style sarees are one of the complicated tasks as you can never think about styling them with own self help. But that’s not true!

How To Wear Lehenga Style Saree Perfectly

In the below we will going to mention the easy and simple steps to drape lehenga style sarees. So if you want to wear beautiful lehenga style saree then just apply these steps.

Lehenga Style Saree

Step No 1:

In the very beginning you have to wear the under skirt that is even known as petticoat. Now you have to hold the inner edge top of edge of the lehenga style saree. In this way you will be able to get the grip on the saree styling.

Step No 2:

Now you have to wrap up the saree all around the waist in firm way and then knot up the top edge on the inner side. You should be knotting the edge firmly so that the tie might not come out.

Step No 3:

Now as you will going to wrap the saree from the back side you have to make sure that it should be equal in length and height. Now you have to tuck the top of the edge.

Step No 4:

Now in the next step you have to start holding the pleats in the direction of the left side but make sure that you hold the top edge of the saree tightly in the company of the right side.

Step No 5:

Now you have to make as many pleats as you want. Normal lehenga sarees have almost 7-12 pleats.

Step No 6:

Now you have to take all the pleats together and then you have to adjust their height as in this way the edge will going to settle down in firm way.

Step No 7:

In the next step you have to tuck up the pleats in the petticoat. You have to make sure one thing that all the pleats should be falling down in the straight position. This will going to bring the shape of lehenga saree style.

Step No 8:

Now you have to take the remaining fabric of the lehenga sarees in the right position and then pass it on the left side. You can even make the choice of pleating the pallav edge that will look stunning.

Step No 9:

In the last and final step you will going to drape the pleated pallav in the left shoulder so that you can set it freely at the back side. Now you have to secure it with the help of pins.

Finally these are simple steps to drape lehenga style sarees! Follow the steps very carefully to style yourself in elegant looking lehenga style sarees.

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