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Natural Tips for Black Heads

Natural Tips for Black Heads

We are sharing with you Natural Tips for Black Heads which can help you get rid of ugly black spots from your facial skin in no time. Blackheads are usually caused by clogging of pores and many of us would have become tired of seeing them appearing untimely on our faces. With new technological advancement you may find many beauty products which guarantee to help you get rid of blackheads but still most of us are very fond of using the natural ways. In order to help our fans who are in love with Natural Tips for Black Heads we have selected a few homemade facials which you can make on your own with kitchen items and get rid of these ugly spots in a very short span of time. These face beauty tips not only help you fight this common skin problem but the natural herbs used in these Natural Tips for Black Heads will also make your face radiant and will improve your complexion.

Homemade Facial of Curd and Black Pepper

Natural Tips for Black Heads

Blackheads are very stubborn and because of this nature sometimes they require many harsh treatments to remove them. This face beauty tip will work wonders for you if you add it in your weekly skin care routine. All you need is a bowl and pour one tablespoon of black pepper in it and mix these natural ingredients nicely until they become a smooth paste. Now apply this magical homemade facial paste on your blackhead affected area and let your facial skin absorb the natural herbs for at least 10 to 12 minutes. After this wash your face with cold water. This natural face beauty tip will clean your pores from dirt and pollution and will also unclog your facial pores as well.

Homemade Facial Scrub of Green Tea

Natural Tips for Black Heads

Green Tea is considered as the most effective natural remedy for many skin problems. This face beauty tip requires you to make green tea. You can drink the green tea and open up its tea bag and apply the leaves on your face as a facial scrub. Massage the leaves in a circular motion and for better results you can do this task twice a week as well. Green Tea scrub will give your skin a refreshing look and at the same time removes the blackheads as well.

Homemade Facial Steam of Baking Soda

This is another wonderful face beauty tip from our comprehensive list of most effective Natural Tips for Black Heads. Baking Soda has many uses, you can use it for your facial skin care and as well as body skin care.  Take a bowl and pour 3 cups of hot boiling water in it, now mix two tablespoon of baking soda in this water and mix the natural ingredients nicely. Now cover your head with a towel and take the steam for at least 10 minutes. In case if your towel is dry, then ensure to keep this dry towel above the steam many times. Baking Soda has detoxifying power in it and it can easily help you unclog your pores.

Try out these Natural Tips for Black Heads and do share your view about their effectiveness as well.

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