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Bold, Fine And Traditional Bridal Trends Flaunt On 16th Edition Phbcw 2018 Day 1

In the city of flowers, #PHBCW will showcase the stars, models, designers and makeup artist and their talent in front of the viewers. Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2018, 16th edition Day 1 designer are Nilofer Shahid, Aisha Imran, Emraan Rajput, Reema Ahsan, Tabassum Mughal, Arsalan Iqbal, Ansab Jahangir, Faiza Saqlain and Sahar Atif. The Bridal Couture Week styled by Pakistan’s talented stylist Nabeela and Choreograph by the Vaneeza Ahmad Ali. Besides the designers, bridal jewellery designer, models, the audience also witnessed the favourite and famous television celebrities on the event.

Designers showcase the latest bridal trends, the best the finest work of Pakistan’s fashion industry can be seen at the 16th edition Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2018.

Nilofer Shahid:

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid is a designer who always put great efforts in her work with the finest colours and design. The designer presents a tribute to the legendary women of the history NurJehan a Mughal Empress. The collection name BADSHAH BEGUM 2018, adopted by the stamped of NurJehan which was honoured her by Emperor Jahangir. The whole work is touched by the Mughal times with the latest traditional touch and complimented with the new designed of jewellery.

Aisha Imran:

Aisha Imran

Aisha Imran presents her Collection named Daastan-e-Ishaq in which she brings the Mughal traditions with the latest bridal trends. The collection is the perfect combination of colours, with the traditional crafts and the modern styles and sensibility. The complete collection was inspired by the Mughal and royalty with the fine fabric of silk, jamawar, tissue carefully worked through stones, Dabka and Nakshikaam. Aisha Imran’s collection Dastaan-e-Ishaq is bridal couture at its radiant and finest.

Emraan Rajput:

Emraan Rajput


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Emraan Rajput’s collection Surkhab inspired by the Mughal traditions and style and he refined that taste in the men’s clothing with the gold plume, gold green crème and rust colours. The luxurious embroidery and culture style brings the royalty touch in the collection and inspired by the Mughal era brings into the modern sense of style.

Tabassum Mughal:

Tabassum Mughal

Tabassum Mughal is the one of finest and innovative fashion and bridal couture who showcases the Mughal artistic approach with the collection name Romantic Musings. The collection brings the contemporary and the traditional combination for the bridal and newlyweds; this would be the selection of those brides who want a fairytale style wedding. Romantic Musings opt soft pink, peach, ivory, powder blue and dove grey for the contemporary with the handcraft floral motifs. The traditional capsule includes the deep maroon, blood red; royal blue, emerald green and burnt sienna embroider with the motifs inspired by Mughal courts.

Arsalan Iqbal:

Arsalan Iqbal

Arsalan Iqbal collection Classic 1.0 brings the innovative textiles to influence the strength of brands creativity. Designer comes up with the best of yarns and hands weaving their own fabric, collection showcase the best of fabric and fashion features like soft silks, rich brocades, plush velvets, and opulent jamavars. Classic 1.0 enhancing the male form and celebrates the performance and pride.

Ansab Jahangir:

Ansab Jahangir

Ansab Jahangir’s Dilara refers to the women delegacy that touches the heart from the deep into the soul. The colours of the collection divided into two vast spectrums, like first bright vibrant hues like crimson, tangerine and chartreuse green showcase the bold and powerful bride image of Ansa. The second side shows the soft and gentle side of the Dilara, collection embroidered rich with the heritage culture and values.

Sahar Atif:

sahar atif

Sahar Atif’s Mah-e-Nau is the combination of majestic textiles; motifs and embroideries express the long-lived tradition of the region. Mah-e-Nau captures the audience with the flawless, romantic and fairytale feminism which describe the love and romance. Sahar Atif narrates each shadow in her signature style and bespoke couture.  

Reema Ahsan:

Reema Ahsan

Reema Ahsan set to present her collection Daastaan at BCW 2018, 16th edition. Daastaan reflects the bride’s freedom with the true meaning of the traditions and values. Reema’s collection is inspired by her experiences with bold designs and rich colours, she experiments the combination of western and eastern theme together.  

Faiza Saqlain:

Faiza Saqlain


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Faiza Saqlain comes up with her collection Shehnai at the 16th edition of #PHBCW 2018. She brought a complete reflection of bold colours with the traditional embroidery and flaunts the true image of a Pakistani bride in a modern stylish way.

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